Tommi Orchards by PVII

customer experience

Our focus is not just in terms of revenue and growth opportunity but how to keep customers through better experiences. We specialise in providing a detailed analysis of the real customer experience and the influence that has on your profitability. This may lead us into areas such communications, call centres, retail outlets, reception areas, kiosks, installations, after sales care and so on. We leave no stone unturned and often, what we have to say is not easy to hear, but with the right plans, we can often put right the wrongs.

brand strategies

The brand is at the heart of every business, whether your business employs one person or 10,000. People have perceptions of your company that they then relate to both emotionally and intelligently. We investigate how closely your business delivers on its brand promise and values. We then find the gaps and fix them by ­

  1. Understanding in detail your customer and brand experience expectations
  2. Evaluating the reality
  3. Presenting the findings and working with you on the priorities
  4. Providing operational guidance and resource for the necessary change implementation initiative