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Beat Systems and Network Strategies Partner To Bring Proven Cost Savings To Adult Social Services.

Adult Social Care Services face immense challenges in maintaining services while reducing costs. Mobile systems are already other enabling public sector organisations with a mobile workforce to make substantial savings. They can give staff secure, instantaneous access to the information they require from wherever they happen to be, and enable them to fill out forms, complete transactions on the spot and update departmental systems immediately. In other walks of life this kind of capability is taken for granted, but most current social care systems have not made use of these facilities.

Typically mobile systems bring cashable savings in areas such as reduced back office data entry, with reductions in numbers of desktop computers, associated infrastructure and office accommodation, and also considerable savings of frontline staff time by reducing journeys back to the office, enabling staff to spend more time on their primary activity. In the corporate sector, according to the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class companies are achieving a speed-of decision that is 70% faster than industry averages and five times faster than companies who are not offering mobile access*.

Beat Systems' Secure Mobile Solution has already met similar requirements in providing mobile systems for ten police forces around the UK , supporting several thousand officers; with demonstrable savings of millions of pounds. Network Strategies notably helped develop the interactive information strategies encapsulated in Hull City Council's “Stream” services; that resulted in them becoming one of the Government's Top 10 Digital City finalists.

Now Beat Systems and Network Strategies have partnered to enable Local Authorities and their Adult Social Service workers achieve real cost savings and enhance service delivery from this new breed of secure mobile solutions. Their White Paper “Securing substantial savings in adult social care costs - Using Mobile Information Systems to reduce costs and empower workers” explains how, including a quantified case study. To obtain a copy Click Here

*Aberdeen Group “Mobile BI” December 2010