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research and analysis

The creation of sound business strategies, the implementation of successful marketing plans, and the achievement of sales targets all depend on accurate knowledge of customer requirements and competitive strategies. NSL's experienced, sector focussed researchers and analysts can assist at any level to quantify and qualify the opportunities.

strategic analysis

Understanding complex market forces in order to predict future developments requires detailed understanding and insight of the market. NSL's experienced consultants undertake high level, qualitative analysis of customers and competitors. In depth telephone and face to face interviews with senior industry executives, supported by extensive desk research of internal and external databases to provide critical information on

  • economic environment
  • markets
  • competitors
  • technologies

This basis for analysis leads to confident prediction of market trends and the creation of successful business strategies

technical assessment

Successful strategies link market demand with technical opportunity to maximise competitive advantage.
NSL's technical experts can:

  • assess technology trends
  • predict possible innovations
  • analyse competitor activity
  • support new product specification

NSL's comprehensive research and analysis capabilities give you a new resource that understands your business and provides meaningful information and commentary on the market opportunities.